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AYAT- Twisted Gold Necklace

AYAT- Twisted Gold Necklace

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This delicate, gold necklace is perfect for someone who wants a subtle piece of jewellery. The gold chain is only two inches long, so it will sit nicely around the neck. Note: It does not come with a pendant.


Necklace Length: 9.7 cm / 3.8 Inches

Material: 100% 21K Gold

Weight: 3.7 Grams 

Care Instructions  

Store your jewellery in a secure place in a lined box or pouch to prevent scratching. Keep jewellery away from moisture and heat and do not store in direct sunlight or near a radiator. Place your jewellery in a safe location while sleeping, showering, applying lotions or perfumes, washing dishes, entering chlorinated water, gardening or engaging in manual activities.

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