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About SKJ Gold

Where Gold Tells a Story.

I am Khadra, the founder of SKJ Gold, and I want to tell you a Story; this is the story of SKJ GOLD. Come closer, this story comes from a faraway land, from the white coast of East Africa, through the gold souks and markets of the Far East.

Growing up, I would watch my mother getting ready for weddings, outings, or just to receive guests in our home. In the evening, she would light incense to set the scene, then from a special box, tucked away from preying eyes, was her gold jewellery. I watched her as she wore her earrings; first, beautiful drop earrings;
I could see the gold dazzle in the evening light. Next came an alluring yellow-gold necklace, accompanied by a bracelet, bangles and rings. Each piece is more beautiful than the previous, and more was better.
SKJ gold is more than gold- it’s a time capsule of memories that capture the best of you, your family and your life’s most significant moments.

Tell me what you’re passionate about and I’ll tell you which jewellery best suits you.

SKJ offers modern women an opportunity to own pure gold jewellery inspired by the ancient crafts and traditions of goldsmithing. Our designs and pieces are carefully selected by our team to ensure you get just pure gold and no synthetic material.

People often ask if Gold jewellery is a good investment; in short, the answer is YES. Delicate gold jewellery that’s 21karat and above becomes more valuable as the years go by. Throughout history, gold has maintained its allure as a valuable asset.

SKJ Gold is conscious of waste in the fashion industry, and we want to help reduce waste through our recycled Gold and Silver range is now available.

We create unique jewellery because every woman is remarkable. Don’t just buy jewellery, be bold, be striking. Other Jewellery products in the market do not have the craftsmanship and the unique style of SKJ Gold.

Born from a dream, SKJ Gold represents the friendships and hard work that created something beautiful.