About SKJ Gold

Where Gold Tells a Story.

Imagine being able to wrap your hands around something that gives you strength, security and a sense of belonging. Something that inspires and motivates you. SKJGold is more than gold its that something you can hold on to.

When people look at your hand, they’ll wonder how you can afford a ring like that. They imagine the stories you must be able to tell. And they want to know what you hold so dear, and why it means so much to you. Imagine what it’s like to be able to show them that in a moment. That’s SKJGold.

It’s beautiful. It’s valuable. It’s your future. SKJ gold is more than gold- it’s a time capsule that captures the best of you, your family and your life’s biggest moments.

Tell me what you’re passionate about and I’ll tell you which jewellery best suits you.

All around the world, we have worn our wedding rings and served as symbols of love for centuries. They are tangible proof that you are always thinking of someone special. A timeless reminder of your commitment. SKJGold is a symbol of love, friendship, and your unique individuality.

Did you know that many gold jewellery products are made with cheap, often dangerous, plating? We believe you deserve better.

Make jewellery from real gold. We go back to the basics and make jewellery like our grandfathers used to make. No synthetic materials, just pure gold.

SKJ Gold connects today’s legacy of craft to the ancient tradition of goldsmithing. All of our jewellery pieces are meticulously handmade, in small batches with detailed precision by our team of master craftspeople.

All SKJ Gold products are hand crafted from the finest materials. They are made with lots of care, love and attention to detail. We hope you will enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoyed making them.

 Born from a dream, SKJ Gold represents the friendships and hard work that created something beautiful.